6G is Real – Algorithms Are Already Controlling Our Lives

By Animus Society

The following video draws our attention to the fact that algorithms already, to a worrying extent, control people’s lives in ways that most don’t even understand or are aware of.

As I have pointed out already, at ICSBICS, 6G is real even though researchers on the surface seem to just have begun exploring 6G.

The truth is that the foundations for 6G started being developed a long time ago. Where we are today is simply the era where the science and technology are going mainstream into the consumer world.

For 6G to actually work it will have to rely not only on advanced wearables and implants, and the 5G grid, but also on advanced algorithms that, as Google’s Selfish Ledger partially explains, will be programmed to study the natural mind and eventually control it.

That’s the essence of 6G. Eventually these algorithms will be part of the foundations of a global augmented reality, a hyper-reality.

As most people are still trying to figure out 5G, lets take a look at some of the basic principles of 6G…

Derrick Broze (The Conscious Resistance) explains how algorithms and artificial intelligence are already making decisions for humanity.