6G is REAL, it’s NOT a Ruse. Here’s What 6G and 7G Are About.

By Animus Society

There are stories going around online such as this one claiming that 6G is a hoax, or a ruse to take people’s attention away from the 5G rollout. Of course, that’s completely false.

6G is real and it is even creepier than 5G. Far more creepier and invasive!

Still, it is just a phase in between 5G and 7G. With 7G transtech will fully enable transhumanism but a kind of transhumanism that won’t liberate the average individual. Instead “the few” who seek godhood and who control the technology and the data will be able to use the average consumer as a programmable and downloadable unit.

Back to 6G…

6G is the technological foundation for 7G. With 6G people’s bodies – and especially their natural minds –  will become directly accessible in ways that 5G, as a catch-all term and spectrum, will not enable yet since the technology for that is not yet commercialized.

The paradigm shift, into a dark form of transhumanism, will not take place during 5G. This will be initiated with 6G. Therefore 5G is not “the end of the road” as the false reports claim.

With 6G we get into advanced wearables and implants because, as partially described in Google’s Selfish Ledger, an entire hyper-reality is needed if you want to control society as a whole. To do this you need to fully control the natural mind of your targets, the public.

5G can’t do that since it is just an advanced global communication grid. It does not directly and physically tap into the natural human mind. 6G will enable this because at the 6G-phase people will start to switch to such advanced implants and “upgrades” because by then it will be commercially interesting to do so. And it will be “trendy” by then because the news media, governments and especially the modern-day cults and religions (Google, Facebook, Elon Musk, SingularityNet, Way of the Future Church,…) will say so and most consumers will blindly buy into that because by then they have been programmed enough.

People don’t accept big leaps at a time. Populations can only be steered and controlled with gradual advances and agendas that break down each step of the overall plan.

For instance, no one would have accepted in 1975 pop music idols enacting a porn scene in front of their 12-year-old kids, who are watching a pop concert. They, therefore, had to gradually pervert the minds of the public to the point where today it seems perfectly OK for a majority of the public to have their kids watch Miley Cyrus obscenity.

That’s how these 5G, 6G catch-all terms and phrases work too. You expose the public little by little. You can verify this today, yourself. Most people have no real idea of what 5G actually stands for. Many think that 5G means 5 Gigahertz, others think it’s just better gaming environments, while most are completely oblivious to the prison planet that 5G is enabling. That by itself is already creepy because the target is, overall, unaware that it is a target and a resource. Thus, 6G right now, let alone 7G is way too fast. People can’t process that right now.

In a 6G and 7G context the term “human resources” suddenly means something totally different than what it means today.

Yet, as few really understand 5G the crowd is already waiting in line, with their credit cards in their hands, to buy anything and everything that is 5G-ready. Not because they need it or even really want it but because they have been conditioned extensively enough to feel as if they have to buy these things.

With 6G, transitioning into 7G, that seemingly naturally “feeling” to have to buy something will suddenly become merely a smaller segment, although an important one, of what the AI algorithms will be steering, feeding and enabling.

6G is meant to enable 7G.

6G is no longer about faster download speeds. Once 5G, as advertised, is fully implemented the idea of still needing faster download speeds is no longer relevant since companies like Qualcomm are already rolling out a second generation of 5G hardware. So, the speed is no longer going to be an issue, even if they falsely say it is.

6G is about physically connecting the human mind and body to the, what you could call, the 5G communication grid that will then exist in an artificial and augmented “reality”. Physically, but wireless and down to the molecule level.

7G is about controlling what 6G enables, to the advantage of the few who own it all. Including the mind of the consumer that participates. 7G is where the natural mind has been replaced with digitized algorithms that can be updated remotely by those who control the grid.

7G is where they (Google, Facebook, Elon Musk, SingularityNet, Way of the Future Church,…) will seek collective godhood. 7G may very well be the endgame.

Again, this is why right now people must dissect the space-based internet communication system that is being prepared and launched.

There’s nothing that is more a priority than that. Nothing!