What are Plan A and Plan B?

The following was sent in a personal email today but others might find it useful as well.

By KJ, March 20, 2019

First I would like to address something that most folks are not getting at this point.

5G, as a catch-all term, is about much more than mobile communication. It is about geopolitical (in)stability; about backdoor access (chips and other components); it is about a control grid (a prison planet); it is about destroying the natural mind (to then gradually replace it with algorithms – although this is already much further along the timeline, but awareness about it now is an advantage); it is about the destruction of self-determination; it is about controlling the weather; it is about transit-oriented development; it is about transtech (advanced transhumanism that is detrimental to “being human”)…

It is about re-engineering and owning society – with hyper-truths and hyper-realities as master threads of the social fabric (the “glue” that holds a post-modern society together) – in a way that Google’s Selfish Ledger describes pretty accurately although by far not completely.

Plan A

Plan A is about dissecting the space-based internet communication system, apparently made up of about 25,000 satellites (initially). Almost nothing is known about this. I have sent numerous emails and messages but so far nobody has given me concrete answers and information.

What these satellites can or can’t do is not being revealed. Who is making them and whether or not all the components have been properly tested (for secret backdoors for instance) is not being revealed.

People on a very local, on a city and on a national level MUST discuss this space-based backbone and find out everything they can.

You can’t just put up 25,000 satellites without asking all of us if we also want this. These corporations do not own this planet, even though they think and behave like they do.

You can’t just put such a vast number into orbit without knowing or even telling us that everything is 100% safe and not hackable. I talked about this in a previous document on the ICSBICS and no5g websites.

Plan A is, thus, about derailing the runaway train. About at least trying to stop or significantly slow down the launch and activation of this space-based backbone of “5G”.

Plan B

Plan B is about enforcing a full embargo on 5G, 6G and IoT services and goods. When the production and sales are properly undermined and sabotaged their space-based system is pretty much useless.

All of this is so big and urgent that I obviously can’t do this on my own.

The window of opportunity is closing, both for plan A and B. By the end of 2020 it may be too late to still complete plan A.

Whatever common people, activists etc are engaged in all of it is likely going to be affected by this system. This is why everyone is in this fight together, at least those who actually care about their own lives, their own freedom and the freedom and lives of their children and family.