Too Much Power: We Can’t Allow SpaceX to Control Half of the Space-Based Internet Communication System

If all the reports are accurate then we are looking at up to 25,000 communication satellites that are going to be put into orbit in the next two years.

With SpaceX then owning about 12,000 of those satellites it means that one corporation will be in control of half of the space-based internet communication system. That means that one corporation will be in control of at least half of all communications that occur or pass through said 12,000 satellites. From text messages to internet of things related communications. And what about communications on diplomatic levels?

The question here, obviously, is: What could go right?

We already know what can go wrong and to what extent it can go wrong, regardless of none of our communications to the involved corporations being replied to by them.

No clear, detailed, answers are being provided by anyone. Not by the industry, not by any governments.

Seemingly, it is expected of us, we the people, that we just blindly accept anything that comes from the industry that is forcing 5G and 6G upon society while there are no checks and balances in place that we are being made aware of and, thus, are not in control of.

We can’t allow one corporation to get a hold of half the space-based communication system, it would eventually lead to more consolidation of power, a space-based monopoly.

The only way that SpaceX can operate its installations is when there are external and completely independent observer committees who have access to all the data of SpaceX its installations. These committees must report their findings to the public because all of us have to know what SpaceX and the other satellite operators are involved in.

What their capabilities are, what their intentions are and what their agreements are. All of this remains unanswered and it is gradually, and rightfully, pitting the public against 5G, 6G and the entire space-based internet communication system.