Dublin Shopping Center Cornered by Action Group, Abandons Telecom Mast Plans

In January Dublin Live reported: “Hundreds of concerned locals have voiced their concerns about a proposed phone mast that could be built near a school in Castleknock. In November, permission was granted for a 15m mast at the entrance to Laurel Lodge shopping centre. The shopping centre is within 50 metres of a 500-pupil primary school, a busy creche, a community centre and a church.”

The residents, concerned about the radiation that would come from the new mast, eventually were able to corner the shopping center management but, they say, staying vigilant is now the main item on the action group’s agenda.

Indeed, as you can once again see, when people come together they can overcome common threats without having to resort to violent tactics. The folks from Laurel Lodge, their approach and their victory are examples and represent hope for all of those who may feel that the people are not the powers that be. We are! You just have to believe in it and really want it.