5G Embargo: Asymmetric Operations Are the Key

To give you an impression of the vast 5G complex that we are up against a sample list is provided below this text. The companies and organizations that are listed represent only a fraction of the actual 5G complex.

The reason why we point this out is because even with all of our resources combined, as activists and concerned citizens from around the world, we’d still not eclipse 1% of the 5G complex’s resources.

Asymmetric Operations

That doesn’t mean that we don’t have a chance to successfully undermine the implementation of the 5G control grid. As we pointed out yesterday, the window of opportunity is for now in our favor because the satellites that are supposed to be the backbone of the 5G control grid are not yet in orbit. The few that are already operational are insignificant without the rest and without the Earth-based infrastructure and the consumer devices.

The best way to approach this challenge is by enforcing an embargo, as citizens, as consumers. They can put up as many satellites as they want but when no one is buying and carrying any of the 5G devices and when no one is chipped or carries 5G implants their multi-billion-dollar grid is useless.

At this point the public must be made aware of the true 5G grid that is under construction because right now hardly anyone – relatively speaking – is aware of it. People are blinded by the wild promises that the industry is making but of course those promises are nothing more than pretexts.

It is crucial that everyone understands that this battle is unique in every way. Never before did mankind have to face this sort of challenge. Never before were we mere years away of an actual full-blown prison planet.

Likely the best thing about this challenge is that people can come together now because of it, transcending all political boundaries since everyone is a target of the 5G control grid.

Asymmetric operations are, thus, the key to bringing down this 5G complex.

Asymmetric operations include, but are not limited to:

  • Not buying and using 5G devices
  • Not buying new cars
  • Not using “free” WiFi connections in public spaces, restaurants, libraries, schools, bars etc
  • Organizing local meetings and discussion groups where the real 5G grid is discussed with neighbors, family and friends
  • Putting up signs and posters that draw attention to the growing movement that is opposed to the real 5G grid
  • Starting online forums where the 5G grid is further dissected by sleuths and where the results are formulated in understandable language for the common person in the street
  • Student manifestations (marches and public forums) that draw attention to the real 5G control grid
  • Analyzing how much money politicians receive from 5G lobbyists (provide names and amounts)
  • Investigating who is working at Avanti Communications in London and at Thales Alenia Space in Merignac from where the SAT5G project is being operated
  • Finding out how vulnerable SCADA-supporting and other 5G satellites are to Stuxnet-like infections and attacks
  • Finding out who is supplying the most crucial components for these satellites, companies like Qualcomm that work together with OneWeb and the other satellite operators
  • Dissecting Wi-Fi 6 – who is involved and what it actually can do (beyond the mainstream sound bites)

SpaceX (Elon Musk), Google: 4,409 (new altitude of 550 km) + a very low Earth orbit constellation of more than 7,000 satellites using V-band frequencies
Kepler Communications: 140 satellites
LeoSat – 108: orbiting at 1,400 kilometers, or 25 times closer to Earth than traditional satellites https://www.fiercewireless.com/wireless/leosat-touts-ultra-low-latency-planned-leo-constellation
European Space Agency (ESA)
Thales (Thales Alenia Space): https://www.thalesgroup.com
Spire Global: https://www.spire.com
OneWeb (Greg Wyler): 20 launches, 34 satellites per launch, 980 satellites (protected by the International Telecommunication Union)
Unemployment rates of 20 percent or higher are common in French Guiana, schools are underfunded, and rates of poverty and murder are high. Protesters in 2017 blocked access to the spaceport and disrupted a launch as they voiced their concerns about the poor economic conditions. …  BOTTOM LINE – Wyler’s ambitious space internet plans, even scaled back, may be difficult to fund to fruition unless he can sign up deep-pocketed industries.  https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2019-03-07/musk-now-has-real-competition-in-the-rush-to-deploy-internet-in-space
Wafer Technologies LTD: 5G antennas https://www.wafertech.co.il/
Avanti Communications
Higher Ground: https://satpaq.com/
Higher Ground must be able to immediately override or shut down any or all interfering SatPaqs. The company also has to keep logs of every single SatPaq transmission for at least a year, and make that data available to the FCC and fixed service operators on request. https://spectrum.ieee.org/tech-talk/telecom/wireless/controversial-satellite-messaging-startup-higher-ground-cleared-for-takeoff
The US Federal Communications Commission granted the application of Higher Ground for a blanket earth station licence to operate up to 50,000 earth stations, known as SatPaqs, to communicate with the multiple US-licensed satellites. https://5g.co.uk/news/next-gen-tech-satellites-key-5g-players/4356/